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Invisible Arts (IA) is an advanced visualization company that develops platforms for holographic effect, advanced visualization and mixed reality. IA's systems utilize COTS and proprietary technology for use in event, training, video production,  deception management and other warfighter applications.    IA’s award winning team has more than 80 years combined experience in real-time 3D, broadcast augmented / mixed reality, virtual environment design / production, content and training design for the healthcare and government supported training programs (DoD, AFRL, CDC, NIH.) 


IA’s team is comprised of visual engineers, creatives, scientists, clinicians and learning specialists. Using learning and entertainment psychology, IA shapes its experiences through the use of learning, emotional and entertainment based psychology to create vivid realistic experiences. Technology from the motion picture effects, augmented broadcast television, and gaming engines are utilized to build the foundation of simulation and holographic based initiatives. 

About Invisible Arts


Advanced research in visual technologies which have been commercialized. Part of the Simumetrix group of companies. 

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